Account-Partner has 5 rules :

Quite reasonable pricing and which considers the complexity of the case
Attentive listening to the customer with great disponibility
Accurate and complete answers to the all questions
A willingness to combine enthusiasm and professionalism in all circumstances
Intellectual honesty (no false hopes or scabrous tax edits)

For questions or additional informations , contact us :


Avenue Louise 200
1050 Ixelles

Avenue Brugmann 63
‎1190 Forest

Rue d'Espagne n°83
1060 Saint-Gilles

Tél: 02 544 18 92
Mail :

The accounting and management Account Partner is located in Brussels, and more precisely in Saint-Gilles, close to the following municipalities:

  • Brussels: Saint-Gilles, Anderlecht, Ixelles, Uccle, Forest, ...
  • Flemish Brabant: Drogenbos, Beersel, Linkebeek, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Sint-Genesius-Rode, ...


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