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Business creation

When starting your activities, a serie of choices is required.

Starting an activity requires to choose a form of business so that everything runs legally and avoid you some worries. However, that implies choices that aren't easy to take, especially with a lack of knowledge of laws and proceedings. The choice you make will have an influence on profitability of your future business.

That you wish for the first time to build your own activity or to create your own society (or with partners), or you want your current society to change his legal status for some reasons, you will always need to prepare all the steps, think carefully before choosing one option or one another, but also informed advice.

Create a society means get through many steps, gather differents documents, but also ensure that everything you do is in accordance with the laws applied to the area you want to get in. This type of administrative approach can take a long time and complicated, mostly for people who don't know all the necessary steps to achieve this creation.

This is to help you in all the steps concerning the creation of your company, whatever the legal status you've chosen, that we intervene. Indeed, we take in charge of all the paperwork and legal formalities that which will allow you to obtain a legal status for your new company freshly created or just a status change.

We take care of all the paperwork and legal formalities related to these evolutions

  • Identification à la Banque carrefour des entreprises
  • VAT identification
  • Developing your financial plan
  • Collaboration with your notary

We will take care of the many steps of the creation of a society in order to "alléger de cette tâche", but also to be sure that all the necessary steps are accomplished in the standards. This garantees you security, but also the possibility to use your new status without any worry in the future.

We will take care of the many related tasks to this creation like VTA identification, identification to the bank "carrefour des entreprises", developing your financial plan. We collaborate too with your notary if you have one, we will take care of the formalities to get the legal status and many other things. Our ultimate goal is to permit you to set up your business without cluttering you with all these procedures, sometimes complicated. The only thing you have to do will be to sign the act once everything is arranged.

In addition to taking care of the formalities of starting a business in Brussels, we also offer you to analyze with you the profitability of your project so that you can set up evrything correctly. We assure you to benefit of all tax and financial benefits that may be available to you depending on your situation. We have many years of experience and increased knowledge in this area, that is why you should have no fear entrusting us all the tasks related to start a business to legalize your activity.

The accountant Ixelles, the accounting and management Account Partner is located in Brussels, and more precisely in Saint-Gilles, Forest and Ixelles, close to the following municipalities :

  • Brussels: Saint-Gilles, Anderlecht, Ixelles, Uccle, Forest, ...
  • Flemish Brabant: Drogenbos, Beersel, Linkebeek, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Sint-Genesius-Rode, ...
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