Account-Partner has 5 rules :

Quite reasonable pricing and which considers the complexity of the case
Attentive listening to the customer with great disponibility
Accurate and complete answers to the all questions
A willingness to combine enthusiasm and professionalism in all circumstances
Intellectual honesty (no false hopes or scabrous tax edits)

Accounting Office Brussels in Saint-Gilles, Forest and Ixelles


A high-quality advice, perfect tracking of your file, all our expertise to serve your interests and full guarantee of a maximum legal security:

You are a contractor in Brussels and you want to create your own company, but you don't know where to start ? Or you already have a company, but you need expertise for your financial management, your tax system or your accounting? Entrust your projects to Account Partner. We are a firm that supports services about creating, managing and developing company in Brussels.


We have a team of professionals and experts in various areas of the company, we can answer to all your needs. In fact, we have specialists in financial and accounting management, persons who know everything about taxation, experimented persons in the area of business organization inrussels. All these professionals put all their expertise and experiences for the benefit of our customers.

Regardless the service we are asked for, our goal is to give full satisfaction to everybody who entrust us. Quality, security and confidentiality, these are our key words.

We have created our website to be more closer to our customers. You can find here all the informations about us. You will also find details about the services we propose, namely services related to accounting, tax system, financial management, and business creation.

In order to know us better, or for more detailed informations, you can also contact us by email or by phone to make an appointment at your convenience.

In our opinion, every customer is unique. The services we offer are tailored according to the needs of everyone. Every service assured by Account Partner are customised. In addition, we always guarantee the quality of our intervention.

Good advices on business creation and taxation can make a lot of money.
We are not a cost center but a true partner in your success !




Our team is there for you support at each stage your business




At Account-Partner, we understand that an efficient tax structure and effective is an important foundation ensuring the growth of your business


Business creation


As specialists, we take into account loads all your tax obligations and this, in a permanent concern for security legal and of course optimization


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