Account-Partner has 5 rules :

Quite reasonable pricing and which considers the complexity of the case
Attentive listening to the customer with great disponibility
Accurate and complete answers to the all questions
A willingness to combine enthusiasm and professionalism in all circumstances
Intellectual honesty (no false hopes or scabrous tax edits)

Accounting Office Brussels in Saint-Gilles, Forest and Ixelles

Creation of a company by our accounting and tax firm located in Saint-Gilles, Forest and Ixelles.

While starting your activities, a lot of options are available:

The initial choices are the most important as they could definitely affect the future rentability of your business.

Are you working as an independent for the first time?
Would you create a society?
Is the legal form of your enterprise changing?
These steps worth preparation, reflection and advices. We can provide all of them.

All of the administrative and legal forms related to the following process are charged to us:

« Banque carrefour des entreprises » registration
VAT identification
Business plan building
Collaboration with your notary

Signing the act is everything you have to do, alone.

Having a great part of work on the enterprise creation process, we analysis with you the optimum profit situation of your project and also make sure you earn every fiscal and financial advantages that could be offered.

The accounting and management Office ACCOUNT PARTNER is based at Brussels.



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