5 golden rules to ACCOUNT PARTNER:

Reasonable prices designed to suit different levels of need
Proactive client listening combined with high availability
Accurate and complete answers to questions asked
Timeless will to unite enthusiasm and professionalism
Intellectual honesty (no false hopes or artificial tax avoidance schemes)

Financial advices and business management

A company works in different ways according to the status, however, the accounting is an important point in every company. Too often, it is perceived as a simple legal obligation, but it will truly helps you in order to make your company works well.

This false perception of accounting decreases the strategic dimension accounting tool represents for the company. It is essential to seriously consider the accounting, because it is really important for you company. It is necessary to well understand the accountant Saint-Gilles, but also the statistics it reveals in order to take advantage of essential informations to make your company works well.

Managing a company is not really complicated, however it requires some knowledges, essential to allow you to administer everything as it should be. You will need to better know about your company's accounting and use all informations that it gives you in order to better manage it.

It is a management tool that can bring you a lot within your company. Our mission is to assist you in its use in order to make the best of it.

For this purpose, we realize reports and customized dashboard which will allow you follow-up the state of your finance and so the health of your business.

It is absolutely essential to learn how to user this management tool to allow you extract the essential informations and to use it at the right moment. We will be at your side to assist you, because with a better vision of all these informations, it's sure it will easy for you to take the best decision for the well-being of your company.

We help you in the accounting by giving you advices, adapted to your situation and to your company's profile in order to allow you to better manage the financial side and get the best part of your activity. We are not a cost center which will only give you a lot of informations about your company, we assit you in all the necessary steps to ensure your success.

We wish to clarify that every company that we take care benefits of a customized analysis, but also a its own follow-up to guarantee his success. Our many years of experience and all the knowledge that we have get will be at your service in order to allow you to get the best part of your company and always play the right cards. This is to allow you to make the most of the potential of your business.

Organizing a business is a difficult task, so is financial management, our goal is then to help you get ahead of the game and always serve your interests once we start moving forward together.

We are not a cost center but a true partner in your success !

The accounting and management Account Partner is located in Brussels, and more precisely in Saint-Gilles, Forest and Ixelles, close to the following municipalities :

  • Brussels : Saint-Gilles, Anderlecht, Ixelles, Uccle, Forest, ...
  • Flemish Brabant: Drogenbos, Beersel, Linkebeek, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Sint-Genesius-Rode, ...
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