Account-Partner has 5 rules :

Quite reasonable pricing and which considers the complexity of the case
Attentive listening to the customer with great disponibility
Accurate and complete answers to the all questions
A willingness to combine enthusiasm and professionalism in all circumstances
Intellectual honesty (no false hopes or scabrous tax edits)

Accounting Office Brussels in Saint-Gilles, Forest and Ixelles

Accounting Office Brussels in Saint-Gilles,
Forest and Ixelles

For years, Account Partner and its specialists have put all their expertise and knowledge to exclusively serve your interests.
Our only goal? Your success!

Our mission:

  • the complete keeping of your accounts
  • the support of all your tax obligations in a permanent concern of security and optimization
  • completion of all formalities related to the constitution of your company
  • advices for your business organization and its financial management
  • personalized follow-up for quality advice

Our approach:

In the current economic environment, everything is changing rapidly, so you need tailor-made solutions that are adapted to your needs.

Our excellent knowledge of your specificities combined with our desire to be permanently at your disposal allows us to provide you with personalized advices and make the best use of the opportunities offered by the legislation.

The purpose of this approach is to guarantee maximum legal protection while allowing you to use the most of your company's potential.

This is our most important role! We claim our title of "right arm".



The Office's founder


De Matteis Jérémie

Accountant-Taxation Specialist IPCF - Partner of the firm
Master in Fiscal Sciences at the ESSF
Master in Commercial and Financial Sciences ICHEC
1st prize IPCF 2013 (Fédération des Professions Comptables et Fiscales)
Prize of the National Fund of Chartered Accountants

Lambot Jacqueline

Tax accountant - partner of the firm
Applicant no. 30520442
Master in Commercial and Financial Sciences ICHEC
VAT consultant for 20 years
Trainer in accounting and financial management for public organizations

The accounting and management Account Partner is located in Brussels.


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