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With Account Partner, you benefit from customised support in taxation and accountancy matters.

Tax advice, tax preparation, calculation of social contributions and many more things …


“Freed from this time-consuming task, you will be able to devote yourself to your activity serenely.”

“Freelancer” is a status like all statuses, with rights of its own :

How is the total of social contributions calculated ?
What about my pension ?
What happens if I am temporarily unable to work ?

The freelancer status benefits from a social protection similar to that of other statuses.There are only a few, small differences.Thankfully, there are tax tools and mechanisms that make it possible to make up for these differences and even to offer every freelancer a status that provides even more protection than, for example, an employee’s status.We keep up with the latest technologies, which allows us to manage your documents more efficiently. Thus, you have skilled accountants and tax experts at your disposal at inexpensive prices without compromising on service quality.


Nous avons développé des forfaits sur mesure et très concurrentiel incluant une prise en charge complète de votre dossier, tant au niveau comptable que fiscal.




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